Verus Management Team is a full-service sports agency with experience representing the careers of NBA, NFL and international clients. Verus believes in exceeding our clients’ expectations and making sure their needs, both professional and personal, are being served in their best interests. We utilize our wide-ranging team expertise to maximize our clients’ careers. With each athlete we represent, our approach is very simple: you are unique and we treat you as such. While each client has their own set of personal needs, there is one constant that we take from client to client – our unwavering commitment to service. Verus is built on three core values: Service, Integrity and Loyalty. These values are embodied by every individual within the organization and dictate all company decisions.

  • Gregg S. Levy
    Gregg S. Levy
  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner
    Pres. of Basketball, Certified NBA Agent
  • Vince Calo
    Vince Calo
    Pres. of Football, Certified NFL Agent
  • Miles P. Welo
    Miles P. Welo
    Certified NFL Agent
  • David Mariotti
    David Mariotti
    Director of Media and Marketing
  • Ricky Johnson Jr.
    Ricky Johnson Jr.
    Director of Player Development
  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis
    Exec. Administrator / Controller