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At Verus, its not enough for us to manage clients. We like to embrace the clients into our family and treat them as such. Our boutique size ensures that we are able to assure each client receives the individual attention and service that they deserve. We always aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

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Verus Sports Management Team is proud to announce that 8 of our clients are in NFL camps for OTAs:

– WR Bernard Reedy, Atlanta Falcons
– DT Luther Robinson, Green Bay Packers
– RB Fitzgerald Toussaint, Baltimore Ravens
– TE Ike Ariguzo, Green Bay Packers
– CB Courtney Avery, San Francisco 49ers
– QB Terrance Owens, Pittsburgh Steelers
– LB Shamari Benton, Detroit Lions
– DE Jairus Campbell, Washington Redskins


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